About Us

Hi. We are Heena and Michael, the two faces behind this tiny little café. We thought you’d like to know a little bit about us.


We met on one faithful day in culinary arts school. I say faithful, because it was a big change for both of us, something we’ve thought of doing for a long time, but never actually took a step towards, until that year. I believe that we really were meant to be there at the same time. We were both a big believer in connecting with others through food. Michael grew up in a small town where his dad owned a Chinese restaurant. It was the only one there and naturally, it became more than a place to eat. It was a place to gather, to catch up, and to simply enjoy a good company. It became a place where everyone knew each other. They became friends, and eventually a family. Michael saw how his dad’s cooking and the environment he set brought people together, no matter their difference. He saw how talking and laughing over a good meal brightened people and changed their day. I think he has always known that he would continue to follow his dad’s step and do what he has always done. As for me, although on a much smaller scale, had a similar experience. I have always enjoyed helping my mom with cooking, but was afraid of doing anything by myself because I was young. Until one day, I made Asian inspired pasta for my dad all by myself. Yes, I was proud of myself. But oh, that look on my dad’s face after taking his first bite! Right then and there, I knew that my heart has set on cooking. That nervous, but warm and joyful feeling is something I cherish to this day. When we first met, we instantly knew we had this in common. Food for us was a connection, a community. And too many classes together, too much time spent, here we are!


We both believe that food and drink is an essential part of everyone life. Not only as a necessity to survive, it’s more than that. We believe that it is what brings people together, what opens them up. Yes, we love cooking and creating our own dish, but what we love the most is getting to know you, and we hope you feel the same. And we hope that it goes further than that. Maybe you will strike up a conversation with the guy sitting next to you about our food. Maybe the conversation will move on to another topic. We know, that might not happen everyday but maybe. Just maybe, on one of these faithful days, you’ve met a friend, or two. And that right there, is exactly why we’re here.